We Bring Building Plans Into Actions

At BCDC, we put priority in getting the job done. We highly value the trust given to us by our customers and make sure they are happy all throughout the project. Our facilities includes a full range of construction services to support our customers at all stages of delivery, from pre-construction through ongoing maintenance contracts. 

General Construction

BCDC provides all of the material, labor, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the project. We work with our customers starting from the initial concept up to the final execution of the project.

Site Development

BCDC can make any site look like brand new. Our team have been through a series of challenging site development projects. It includes residential and commercial space renovation, repainting, and reroofing services.

Architectural and Civil Engineering Services

BCDC ensures that we have the best architects and civil engineers on board. Our architects carefully analyzes and designs the project to make construction possible. Our civil engineers strategically identifies suitable materials and evaluates the structural integrity to transform the plan into realization.

Design and Project Management

BCDC helps our customer define the scope of work, assist in creating a realistic construction budget, control costs, analyze the architectural- and construction-related matter and make recommendations for a design strategy. BCDC ensures that our customer needs are met and the budget is controlled as the project evolves.